Laser Services is extending an invitation to current customers to come for a private tour and a free Design for Manufacturability session. Laser Services practices an open door policy of working one-on-one with customers to solve application challenges. These sessions cover material selection, part layout, tolerance issues, high power laser capabilities, and electro-mechanical issues that will [...] Read More
As a full-service laser processing center and stocking distributor of electronics and industrial materials, Laser Services is committed to helping you with just-in-time or overnight delivery of all your laser processed and machined materials, including ceramic substrates, adhesives, frozen epoxy, metals, foils, laminates, EMI and microwave absorbers, PCB materials, stainless steel, and much more. In [...] Read More
Laser Services is a key supplier to many dental and surgical tool manufacturers. We regularly work with designers at these companies during the design and prototype phase to optimize the manufacturability of these tools. Once prototypes have been approved we have the staff and capability to handle full scale production. We provide these companies with in-house welding, etching and cutting services, [...] Read More
Do you have an application that requires intricate patterns cut in a tube? Do you need tubes with holes through one side? From cutting patterns in titanium tubing for world class bicycles or rotary marking surgical instruments, Laser Services can do it. We have capacity to cut, drill or mark from 10" in diameter down to a .050". Learn more about our services and how we can help you!  Read More
Laser Services is your go-to resource for your microwave assemblies that utilize silicon rubber, reinforced silicon rubber, Teflon, RF absorber material, and frozen epoxy. We can provide these parts as separate items or in complete matched sets, pre-kitted for your assembly floor. We stock all of these materials to ensure fast lead times and lower costs.  Read More
We'll get you to market faster, with better products and help you lower your total build cost, too. To remain competitive and satisfy their customers’ increasingly frequent demands for ever-faster delivery, manufacturing companies face a seemingly impossible contradiction. On the one hand, in order to scale production and exploit best-of-breed competencies they are looking to outsource [...] Read More

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Laser Services YouTube Channel Laser Services on Linked In Follow Laser Services on Twiiter
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