If you don’t use laser cutting as part of your manufacturing, it’s likely the possibility just never occurred to you, perhaps due to one of these five myths we’d now like to correct. Myth #1: Laser cutting is new Laser cutting was first introduced in the 1960s and became widely adopted in the early 1980s. Today, laser cutting is a well-established mature technology used for [...] Read More
The potential benefit of functionally integrated components made of steel and aluminum has sparked global research in methods to weld these two dissimilar staple metals for many years. The ability to leverage steel and aluminum alloys in mixed metallic components could dramatically reduce the weight of automobiles and planes without sacrificing mechanical strength, and offers consumer and medical device [...] Read More
At Laser Services, we believe that there are three key factors that make a reliable job shop partner; location, materials they stock, and quality/support they offer. We've outlined these factors below and addressed how we exceed industry expectations. 1. Location We're located just north of Boston in Westford, Massachusetts. Although we have a large clientele in New England, [...] Read More
Understanding laser ablation vs. chemical etching and solder dams when looking to control solder flow or remove layers of unwanted materials from a printed circuit board (PCB) or integrated circuit (IC), is pretty basic science. Laser ablation is a process that removes layers of materials from the surface of a solid object while leaving the base material intact. It offers built-in advantages that [...] Read More
Compared to silk screen printing, vibro or dot peening, machine routing, and chemical etching, laser marking is a faster, cleaner, and more versatile etching and marking approach. When selecting a marking method, manufacturers need to consider the key factors important to them, which are often driven by market forces or the type of application in which they are invested. Durability of [...] Read More
Asking the right Laser Processing questions early in the relationship can avoid challenges later. If you think you might have a project that requires laser processing, such as cutting, welding, drilling, marking or etching, there are certain things you should find out before moving forward. Whether you are an expert in this field or only have limited experience working with a laser [...] Read More
At a recent tradeshow, our two associated brands, Laser Services and Accumet, were discussing the unique substrate and material processing requirements of the RF and microwave and medical industries with a group of supply chain managers. What we continue to hear is that without smaller stocking distributors of Kyocera, Coorstek, and Ceramtech ceramic substrates like us, who offer a full suite of processing [...] Read More
Without the right laser choices and expertise a job shop might set you up to accept limitations you might not have to, take twice as long to process a job, could aid in you failing incoming visual inspections, provide limited bond strength, and ultimately create lower yields and higher costs. “Trying it” on an ill-equipped laser, in other words, is not something you want to endure. But [...] Read More
From bio implants, to surgical instruments, to lab equipment, and more, a wide range of products in the medical field have very similar requirements when it comes to welding medical devices. Here’s a question: If you manufacture devices, tools, instruments, or appliances for the medical industry - whether for the surgical suite, hospital lab, medical clinic, dental office, or other [...] Read More
The design of your microelectronics circuit is a huge factor in determining whether its ceramic substrate can be laser cut. Here are some factors to consider as you design. Almost every week it happens — an electronics component manufacturer asks if we can cut the ceramic substrate of a microelectronics circuit they have already designed. Of course we’re always happy to take a look. [...] Read More
When you need an ally that can help you with prototypes ahead of the volume order, the best partner will be able to answer some key questions right up front. - Can this idea be manufactured within the budget and timeframe specified? - Will they break, corrode, or otherwise be damaged either during manufacturing or later when deployed in the actual application? - Are the materials, [...] Read More
At Laser Services, we're  rpoud to announce that over half of our business is in support of the medical instrument and device industry. On the front end, we consult with research universities and corporate labs for materials research. On the back end, we work with design engineers on device design and manufacturability. We are also involved with the production of surgical tools, surgical trays, [...] Read More
If you’re looking to engrave a barcode, serial number, photograph, piece of artwork, a logo, or some decorative lettering onto a curved object, then laser rotary engraving is your best option. Mechanical rotary engraving methods such as diamond dragging, stamping or dot peening tend to be slower, require more setup time, and are more limited in the variety of patterns they can engrave. Lasers [...] Read More
Invented in 1960, the laser was introduced to the plant floor just five years later when the first production laser-cutting machine was used to drill holes in diamond dies. But even though lasers have had a long and successful history in manufacturing, people still have a lot of questions about them in that role. So we thought it would be helpful to have our resident expert, Laser Man, answer the top [...] Read More
Laser welding is much cleaner than conventional arc or Tig welding, and therefore helps risk of contamination. It’s also more precise, easier to automate, and provides for bonding of much thinner metals, and provides for much greater tensile and bending strength. If arc welding is typically part of your product manufacturing process you may wish to consider laser welding instead. Unlike [...] Read More
When you see BYOB on a party invitation, you know what your host wants you to do. And when you have a BYOD policy at work, you know your boss wants you to bring your own device (smartphone or laptop) to the office. Both BYOB and BYOD are very popular. So what about BYOL? Is buying your own laser a good idea too? For most manufacturers, probably not, and here’s why: BYOL Carries Costs and [...] Read More
Laser Services stocks and delivers a variety of high-performance frozen epoxies from Ablestik™, Emerson & Cuming, and Henkel. The most popular frozen epoxy we work with is Ablestik’s Ablefilm® 5025E – a silver-filled, unsupported epoxy adhesive-film designed to provide very thin, uniformed bond lines. These high-performance epoxies are kept in stock, and laser cut and drilled [...] Read More
If you are a product manufacturer how do you know which technology is a better way to cut your materials: laser cutting or water jet cutting? (We covered the relative merits of a third technology, die cutting, in another blog article.) As with most things in life, no one answer fits every situation. The thickness of the material to be cut, your cost and timing requirements, and the desired condition [...] Read More
To reduce project risk, cost and delays, don’t wait until the last minute to engage your laser services provider. When it comes to laser services a lot of customers want it done yesterday. That may be because windows of opportunities are closing, or because downstream assemblers are waiting for the part, or because revenue targets are at risk — or maybe because there was not sufficient [...] Read More
When considering laser services like cutting, etching, or welding don’t just buy a part; hire a design partner. You’ll reduce costs, speed up production and get a better product. There are many questions to consider when assessing what’s the value of a manufactured part or component to your end product, your business and your end user-customer. Questions like: How much will the [...] Read More
Here are 3 Simple Reasons the Laser is King Over DIE Cutting You see, the thing about laser cutting is, well, it’s not just one thing – unless we’re referring to the monochromatic, coherent, collimated power surge generated by the light beam itself – but let’s not delve into a physics lesson here. We might find ourselves lost in the land of limits, summations, [...] Read More

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