We’re here to answer all of your laser processing questions.

Laser Services’ combined material science expertise and laser processing experience is at your disposal any time you need us. Whether it’s an early stage design-for-manufacturability (DFM) question, a layout question on how to minimize material use, or a material property/laser interaction question, we can help you get your job to and through our laser facility as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Review our FAQs and peruse our Technical Briefs and Design Guidelines to find answers to our most common Laser cutting, drilling, welding, scribing, etching, and ablation questions. Or, simply send us your laser preparation and processing questions using this simple support form and one of our expert technical service people will get you the answers you need fast.  


What is the smallest hole size you can drill?

The answer to this question is, it depends. It depends upon material and material thickness. Some holes may simply be a pulse, the diameter of the laser's kerf at .003". It's best to contact our sales department with your specific requirements and application.

To learn more, visit our Laser Drilling page>>

What is the thickest material you can cut?
Again, it depends. We can laser machine up to .120'' thick ceramic. However, we can cut as thick .375'' thick cold rolled steel. Please do not hesitate to contact us with your specific thickness requirements.
What is the largest sheet size your lasers can accommodate?

Our metal lasers can accommodate stock size as large as 50'' by 120'' while our ceramic lasers can accommodate a substrate as large as 16'' by 16''.

Can you supply material, or do I need to supply it to you?
The choice is yours. If you have material already on hand, you may send to us for laser machining. We take great care of our customers' material throughout the manufacturing process here. Or, if you prefer, we can pull material from our extensive ceramics and metals inventory per your specification.
What is the tightest tolerance you can hold?
Again, this answer depends upon the work being done. We can easily hold +/- .001'' on machined features. We can hold as tight as +/- .0005'' on laser marked character features.
What is your minimum charge?
Our minimum order requirement is $150.00.


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Laser Services YouTube Channel Laser Services on Linked In Follow Laser Services on Twiiter
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