Secondary Processing & Finishing

Secondary Process and Finishing

You Need That Lapped, Annealed, Fired, Polished, Grinded, Washed and Packaged, too? No Problem.

Service with a smile, and a head nod when the job requires something extra. That’s our approach. As a cost-savings, as well as time-saving measure for our customers, we offer many additional post-processing services, too.

Our additional process capabilities include:

  • Annealing: Heat treatment of thick and thin film ceramic substrates to thermally modify the heat-affected zone (HAZ) allowing for improved via metal adhesion or, in some cases, to relieve residual stresses.
  • Clean Firing: Exposure to a nominal temperature in excess of 1100°C, but significantly less than the material’s defined sintering temperature, to remove possible organic based contamination.
  • Camber & Surface Finish Verification: Should our customer require non-standard camber or surface finish, we are able to measure and sort through our available inventory upon request.
  • Diamond Dicing:  When tighter tolerances on length and width dimensions are required, dicing offers a tolerance as low as ± 0.0005" depending upon material size and thickness.  Dicing also offers a smooth, clean edge.
  • Surface Lapping & Polishing: Should our customer require non-standard as-fired finish, surface lapping and polishing is the solution for achieving the tightest tolerances and parallelism.  Please contact us with your specification requirements.
  • Edge Grinding: This process prepares surfaces for additional processing and smooth’s and/or roughens surfaces to meet finishing requirements.
  • Bead Blasting: Abrasive particles and air are compressed and then forced through a nozzle which will provide a variety of finishes and deburring options
  • Surface Finishing: We can provide surface finishing services such as annodizing, plating, painting, passivation, black oxide, or any other finish that you may require. 


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