Ceramic Alumina Substrates

Laser Cut Ceramic Substrates

In-Stock, Laser Cut and Drill Ready Ceramic Alumina Substrates from Kyocera, Coorstek, and CeramTech

In addition to being experts in laser cutting, drilling, welding, etching, and scribing ceramic substrates, Laser Services provides secondary lapping, polishing, grinding and more. To satisfy your quick-turn requirements, we carefully select and stock a large inventory of high-purity, high performance alumina substrates from Kyocera, Coorstek, and CeramTech. Our buying power allows us to offer very competitive pricing and we offer a stocking plan to help our customers manage their own inventory.

Let Laser Services hold your ceramic substrate inventory until needed, and we'll process your materials on a just-in-time (JIT) basis.

Our ceramic alumina laser processing services include:

  • • Laser precise cutting, drilling, and scribing of ceramics from stock
  • • Laser marking alumina ceramic
  • • Delivery from stock on all major brands including Kyocera, Coorstek, CeramTech
  • • High-precision optical alignment capability
  • • High-resolution measurement capability with +/- 5 micron accuracy
  • • Substrate surface protection during laser machining by means of water-based polymer coating
  • • Flex-circuit skiving and programmed pattern cutting
  • • Single-, dual-, and quad-beam laser systems that offer fabrication flexibility and maintain tight tolerances across production runs
  • • Available expert advice from on-staff senior application specialists
  • • Computerized job tracking for efficient and accurate expediting
  • • Design and application-engineering assistance

Tech Brief: Optimize Your Circuit Layouts To Perfect Substrate Processing

Laser Cutting CAD
Learn the 5 best practices for the ceramic-processing steps in your microelectronics manufacturing.

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Insight: Drilling Ceramic

How to Properly Orient Ceramic Cutting and Drilling Layouts in CAD

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Our Process in Action

View our ceramics video here


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Laser Services YouTube Channel Laser Services on Linked In Follow Laser Services on Twiiter
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